AppleTV+: Takes 10 clicks to get to content

  • 13 November 2019
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Whats the deal with this?

I like the content on AppleTV+ but everytime I use the TV app I have to click all the way to the bottom to finally get to AppleTV+ shows.

Even worse is I literally don't use the TV app for anything else except AppleTV+ content. You would think by now the advanced AI would know to put AppleTV+ content on the first row. But no. It buries it waaayyyyyy down the bottom.

Even worse a ton of the rows above are for HBO, Netflix, Showtime, ect......stuff I don't even had subscriptions to. Why are they showing me all this crap I don't have access to?

1 reply

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@SandeepDaftor I would recommend posting this on an Apple forum or contacting Apple Support. This forum is for Cricket Wireless and they have nothing to do with AppleTv.