Ask Cricket to support apple watch connectivity?

  • 18 June 2020
  • 3 replies

Hello! Sign the petition so Cricket Wireless can support Apple Watch Connectivity!

3 replies

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I rather just use it on Bluetooth, but I know some people love having a connection in the watch.

what is that link about?

Cricket! Stop saying you can’t do this! I’m a SW engineer & have worked in telecommunications & now Big Tech for years...let’s just say, I’m very familiar with your systems. You were bought out by AT&T back in what? 2013ish? Maybe 2012. The point is, you’re just the prepaid version of AT&T-there’s no excuse or reason why you can’t add an Apple Watch cellular plan. Stop lying to your customers. This is ridiculous that you guys refuse to get w/ latest technology & meet customer demand. 

To other customers: start contacting AT&T-they own cricket & have for years!! Their systems are one in the same. They have no excuse.