Ask Cricket to support apple watch connectivity?

  • 18 June 2020
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Hello! Sign the petition so Cricket Wireless can support Apple Watch Connectivity!

4 replies

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I rather just use it on Bluetooth, but I know some people love having a connection in the watch.

what is that link about?

Cricket! Stop saying you can’t do this! I’m a SW engineer & have worked in telecommunications & now Big Tech for years...let’s just say, I’m very familiar with your systems. You were bought out by AT&T back in what? 2013ish? Maybe 2012. The point is, you’re just the prepaid version of AT&T-there’s no excuse or reason why you can’t add an Apple Watch cellular plan. Stop lying to your customers. This is ridiculous that you guys refuse to get w/ latest technology & meet customer demand. 

To other customers: start contacting AT&T-they own cricket & have for years!! Their systems are one in the same. They have no excuse.  


This is concerning as new customer who just paid a lot of  money to switch over to cricket after they said our Galaxy S7s no longer work on their system.  Corporate policies are impeding progress to offer smartwatches and negatively affecting customer support which shows that Cricket has hit the ceiling on improvements to their service. 

We just switched, and already I regret it.  As a new customer the writing is on the Wall regarding Cricket’s Management and ability to improve service if basic features that are a decade into the 21st Century can’t be supported such as Smartwatch integration.  A micro SD card using one of the 4 wireless lines promotional lines should not be that hard to pull off being AT&T shares the same towers.  If not Apple Watches how about Samsung Gear S  series?