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  • 30 April 2020
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I want to post this on my own thread just in case someone has a solution.  Switched an iPhone 6Splus from ATT to Cricket.  The same day and ever since, the battery drains so fast during texting. I can listen to a book all day, but with frequent texting the battery will be from full charge to near dead in 4 To 6 hours.  Prior to switching, battery life was about a day and a half with normal use.  This makes no sense to me but it’s hard to me to believe coincidence.  Any ideas?

3 replies

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:smileysurprised:I saw on google that the iPhone 6s Plus has always had battery issues. To get around it people have closed out any open apps their not using, and kept their device up to date with the newest software. Eventually though, I would probably look into to getting a device that will hold Apple's newer bug fixes & updates.

The same thing is happening with my 6s. I switched yesterday and my battery life has diminished significantly.

I don't understand why people don't use web book formats. I recently overloaded my phone with audio formats and the battery said goodbye to me. I was opening multiple audios at the same time for synchronous reading. I came to believe in text formats and a convenient encryption style. These sites help you feel real literary grading.