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  • 14 January 2020
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Is there a way to block certain apps being downloaded on child's phone?

Mostly certain social media like SnapChat.

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You could enable parental controls if it's on Android:

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This is very good post for child mind safety. See below...
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Yes, there are ways to block certain apps from being downloaded on your child's phone. 
On an iPhone, you can use the Screen Time feature to restrict access to certain apps, including Snapchat. Go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions, and enable the feature. From there, you can choose which apps to block or allow.
On an Android phone, you can use the Google Family Link app to manage your child's device. Install the app on both your phone and your child's phone, and set up parental controls. From there, you can manage which apps your child can download and use, and even set time limits on app usage.
Additionally, many internet service providers offer parental control features that can be set up to block certain websites and apps across all devices connected to your home network.