Can you switch sim to another phone on Cricket after activating?

  • 30 June 2020
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Just wondering if a sim can be changed to a different phone after it is activated without having to contact Cricket. Here is the deal. I am wanting to start a Cricket more family plan, get a free/cheap Cricket phone, have it activated, then put sim in my unlocked Note 9 (SG-N960U) so I can use hotspot occasionally on it instead of having to call Cricket if I want to switch sim to another phone.Appvn

4 replies

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You wouldn't need to contact Cricket for a SIM change, but keep in mind that hotspot may not work on your unlocked Note 9 due to compatibility issues.


I have a sim card through lifeline benefits through the government and I was wondering if I can activate this phone with it



I also have a Cricket sim card as well but the service was switched to another phone and another company


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Hi @Bulldog1976 we thank you for reaching out to Cricket Forum! Below, you will find the link to our BYOD eligible list.

BYOD Compatibility | Cricket Wireless