cannot send a text as phone adds +1 to each text, I've turned off auto in settings but still no good

  • 9 May 2023
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I cannot sent a text as it keeps putting +1 on my messages 

Have turned off auto send in settings on my I phone SE but still no good


Best answer by Brandon Chan 17 May 2023, 12:28

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Hey @Acumen72, +1 is just the country code. It shouldn’t matter as long as your texting a U.S. number. But try deleting the entire text thread. Hope that helps! 

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Hello, If your iPhone SE keeps adding "+1" to your messages despite turning off the auto-send feature in the settings, the issue may be related to the contact entry in your phone. Check the contact details of the recipient you are trying to text and ensure that their phone number is entered correctly without the "+1" country code. If the number includes "+1," edit the contact entry and remove it. By ensuring the contact's phone number is correctly entered without the "+1," your iPhone should stop automatically adding it when you send text messages.



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Yes tried that but still no good,thanks anyway