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  • 15 December 2018
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I am currently a cricket customer and I am using an android phone.  My wife has just bought a new unlocked iphone for me.  So, I am thinking to take the sim card out of my phone and put it in the iphone.  Will this work?

9 replies

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Yes, as long as the SIM cards are the same size.  Just switch them out and you should be good to go.

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It will work but be advised, they will lock your new phone to Cricket even if you did not buy it from them.  I just did the same thing and am having trouble getting them to unlock MY PHONE!

Seriously? That's messed up! I was going to switch my SIM into an unlocked phone I was going to buy. But if itgets locked down they're going to make me wait 6 months to unlock it again, right? If so that's just wrong. Lol
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@jerryras1 Dude, that only happens with Apple Flex Pay phones...those phones get locked to whatever network you use it on first. Cricket doesn't control that.


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@8888Diamondback you can use any unlocked GSM phone on Cricket..only Apple Flex-Pay devices are automatically locked to the network you 1st use them on..and then they just contact apple to unlock it from their network..takes like 24hrs.

Yesterday I talked to a representative about this. Even if I buy an unlocked phone from say Amazon or some other marketplace they will lock it to Cricket when I put the Sim in that's what they told me and then I got to wait 6 months to unlock it again, even if I've been a customer with them for over 6 months. I can get my Cricket brand new phone unlocked soon but the other one I have to wait another 6 months to get it re-unlocked that's messed up. and I really am just telling you what the representative told me I did not find that answer omewhere else online
Interesting. Rep said all unlocked phones get locked to Cricket. I just posted what rep told me yesterday....
Ty! I thought it sounded ridiculous when I talk to the ref but I believed him. Lol
Do you have a good link for me to look and see if the phone I get is compatible with Cricket. I really appreciate your knowledge and help.
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Bringing your own device? Follow this link to check compatibility :smileyvery-happy: :