Cricket Locked MY phone.

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I have been a Cricket customer for over a year...

I bought a new iphone XS at Best Buy with no sim card and no cell service contract, was told it will work with all providers.  I removed the sim card (Cricket) from my old device, installed in my new phone and powered up, it worked immediately.  About a month later I tried to switch service to Verizon who told me phone was compatible.  Tried their sim card and doesn't work because Cricket locked my phone.  Yes, MY PHONE, that I paid for in full. I have not been able to get Cricket to unlock my phone.  I had to pay for another months service Or lose my number and still have a locked phone. 

What gives a "bring your device, pay as you go" company the right to lock my phone?  I have spoken with Cricket support every day to get this resolved to no avail. They keep promising to call me back, still waiting.

Verizon charged me for sim card and first months service before they would try the sim card. They told me when I asked for refund that this was a non-refundable purchase.

Cricket needs to get their act together.  I have a $1,000.00 door stop that is too thin to even work as a door stop. I am being held for ransom at Cricket because I don't want to lose my number.  Of course if I go past the cut off date, I will lose the ability to access Cricket support.

What am I supposed to do at this point?  NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER!


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We would like to look into this further for you. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue.

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I do not have Facebook or Twitter.  Can I contact you by email?


Totally feel for you.... I'm so mad at them, too. Even if they decide to unlock it, will it ever be the same as it was factory unlocked?

I've had cricket unlimited data/talk/text plan on the same LG phone and same SIM card for the past two years. Plan is always paid each month on autopay & never late.

I ordered a brand new Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128gb factory unlocked phone directly from Samsung. Waited a few days before I put my old SIM card into the S10+ phone. Cricket has locked it.

Of course now that it has already happened to me, I'm discovering it is something that happens to Cricket customers frequently. I could have avoided it, had I known. It never occurred to me they were capable of doing it remotely.

Also AIO (cricket wireless) wrote over my OTA software update capabilities with some AIO constipated version. I now am no longer able to receive those ota android security updates directly like I did the first two days I had the phone.
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@jerryras1 Cricket will unlock your phone. Just reach out to them on Facebook. That happens with all unlocked iPhones. It gets locked to whatever carrier you first use it on. 

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@jerryras1 were you able to get this issue resolved? If not, please send me a private message through the forum so that I can look into it further for you. Thanks. 

this is fixed by doing a master reset on the iphone with the Verizon sim card in it. make sure do back up your data before doing the reset.

SIM Free phones are activated using the "Reseller Flex Policy", so it will lock to the first carrier activated. It should however be unlocked by cricket if you contact them.

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Yes, Cricket FINALLY unlocked my phone (remotely).

I am only responding now because when I reported to Cricket that my phone was locked, they did not immediately unlock it.  I was in danger of losing my account, phone number, and any support from Cricket.  I was forced into paying for another month of service.  Now at the end of that month, I was able to secure a different provider with my "now unlocked" phone.

Still not happy for all the confusion with Cricket.  I still cannot believe they can lock a phone and then delay unlocking it.  This should not even be legal, it's NOT THEIR PHONE.

This cost me over $80 because of this fiasco.  Obviously wont be a Cricket customer again.

When a social media CSR from Cricket's FB page quickly responded via FB Messenger to my public Facebook comment under one of their photo posts...

Cricket: What is your IMEI number? Then proceeded to ask unnecessary questions.

This was annoying, and made it blatantly OBVIOUS the person in charge of helping me solve my issue had never taken the time to read my FB post about my issue!! Tell me. Why even respond? The first clue they didn't read it: CSR asks me, "Where did you purchase the phone?"
*face palm*

This CSR continues this pattern of not reading the already included pertinent information throughout our entire line of communication to follow. This is the single most prevalent and frustrating issue with EVERY customer service experience. It isn't just this CSR, and it isn't just Cricket's customer service.

Cricket FBmessenger: CSR included instructions to look up IMEI. CSR was apologetic on behalf of Cricket. Mentioned something about troubleshooting techniques. CSR concluded msg with Cricket may contact Samsung???

Me FB messenger: Reiterated my Galaxy S10 Plus was a brand-new, paid-for, "factory unlocked" phone. Reminded CSR it was Cricket who locked it, not Samsung.

Cricket FBmessenger: No explanation about the code. Just we've contacted Samsung with your imei number for the unlock code.

Me FB messenger: What is the status (This is 5 days later) of that unlock code from Samsung? Why does this unlock code need to come from Samsung and not Cricket when cricket locked the phone?

Cricket FB messenger: No explanation. Just "the unlock code is 00000000." That's really the code, too. The code really IS just 7 or 8 zeros!!

What a waste of my friggin time.

I probably could have Googled my unlock code light years faster than it took Cricket, and I STILL
am not back to original, full-working functionality. My phone is not back to it's original state like was before Cricket somehow rewrote/wrote over the Samsung software version of my phone with their Cricket version. The original way my phone received new software updates is gone, and I don't know how to get it back.

Even if I factory reset it, I still have to have a mobile carrier. I'm not sure a factory reset would even fix this. What the hell did you do to my 1000 dollar phone, Cricket?! I want it back to the way it was before Cricket remotely f***ed it up without my permission, (CAUSE I WOULD'VE SAID, 'NO!') and I'm super sad and bummed about the whole situation.

I'm bitter about this. I'll never feel the same way I did about Cricket because they never fixed it satisfactorily in my eyes. Before this, I absolutely loved having Cricket as our family's mobile so much.
I feel your pain I just discovered they locked my phone that I purchased unlocked!!
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I have bought several unlocked phones over the years that did not come from cricket. I have NEVER HAD AN ISSUE. My grandson has an iPhone bought from Best Buy, I have bought two phones that were AT&T compatible online and have never had this issue. Just because a phone is unlocked, does not mean it is automatically compatible with Cricket. Do your research.
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Follow your own advice, " Do your research".  Just because it didn't happen to you doesn't mean it doesn't happen.  I found out it does happen and it is normal.  If you read all of this thread you would know that.  I didn't like that Cricket knows this happens and then drags their feet correcting the situation thereby getting another months payment out of me.

Next time you decide to weigh in on a subject you know nothing about, you may want to rethink your plan and just keep quiet.


TY for the update. What was the reason behind your phone being locked?
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"SIM Free phones are activated using the "Reseller Flex Policy", so it will lock to the first carrier activated."

No one will tell you this when you buy your phone, you only find out if you try to change providers.  A very sneaky, underhanded policy that should not be legal but it continues to happen.

I am having the same issue and while they say it is normal I think it’s outrageous I paid for my phone and now I wanna switch and they won’t unlock it I’ve called countless times so now I’m paying for another carrier and this one they should tell u this when u sign up I wouldn’t have done it
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Hello @Pissedoff2020_ & welcome to the Community Forum! All of our devices are locked to our network until you've had at least 6 months of active paid service on our network with the device. Unlock policies are a typical practice of most wireless carriers. You can view our complete Device Unlock Policy here:

Hi, i recently bought an LG stylo 5 off of eBay. It turns out the phone is a cricket phone and it is locked. I cannot reach the seller, and therefore lack the required information to go about getting my phone unlocked. I have no idea how long it has been active with cricket, if it was a fraudulent account associated with the phone or if it was stolen. What available option is there for me to fix this problem? It is extremely inconvenient that i purchased a phone and it is impossible to use or unlock simply because it is a cricket phone and cricket is extra strict about their unlock policies.

I ordered a brand new Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128gb factory unlocked phone directly from Samsung. Waited a few days before I put my old SIM card into the S10+ phone. Cricket has locked it.

That is a lie Cricket!  You got my account locked now and I’ve had service for more than 6 months.   So unlock my phone!

I'm facing the exact same issue!   In January they told me they were required to lock my unlocked phone for 6 months due to their "policy."  They assured me this same policy was held by all providers.  Now we're in August.  They are telling me that they can't unlock it, because it was an unlocked phone, and they never locked the phone.  I'm losing my mind!!!!   We've called the FCC.  This company is crooked.

Months ago when I posted this, I also contacted Cricket via FB Messenger. Their reply instructed me that all zeros (literally 0000000) should unlock the phone. I haven't had a different provider's sim card to test out this all zeros unlock code. I used the unlock request tool on AT&It's site more than once. My answer from AT&T is always no. My factory unlocked phone can not be unlocked. Reason: After request for code was issued to the manufacturer, Samsung replied saying they do not have the unlock code. It's a sad thing when we are forced to take matters into our own hands. I just want to pay my mobile provider for service each month. They've got to over-complicate it, making it all about themselves. Really ticks me off. Then I'm on the computer (up way passed my bedtime) researching a way to circumvent Cricket's garbage. I learned what it means to root my phone and to flash software to my phone....yadda-yadda-yadda. More or less it was a late-night, self-directed online course. And If it weren't for Cricket Wireless, I wouldn't have been a student! If Cricket hadn't commandeered MY $1,000 factory unlocked phone, I never would have lost my freakin' mind over fixing it!! I'm a rule follower. The grey area bothers me, and I'm angry Cricket forced me to consider rooting my phone - a solution that may not work and could break it. I'd rather be on the up-and-up with Cricket. I AM because I did not root my phone, but now I do business with them with a giant chip on my shoulder. I'm still livid at Cricket. I don't appreciate how they've caused me to feel this way because of the problems they created for me. It baffles me why the creation of new problems where problems didn't exist before is a favorite pasttime of all mobile providers. These rules...what are they all FOR anyway?!?! Just let us BE! Allow us to pay you for simple service without you adding on extra issues. Everything doesn't have to be such a dang beaucracy all the time. Cable and satellite service is a pain in the rear, too. Giant cable service competitors have found a genius way to charge the absolute highest rate possible to their customers. Mobile probably does this too. They are in agreement not to cross each other's service boundaries. Each conglomerate can monopolize a territory charging customers the most money possible. The rate stays high when no alternative provider exists. No competition means monopolies don't have to offer lower rates, so customers either pay or go without. You can still find 3rd party service. Ultimately your 3rd party service still comes via one of these bigger corporations minus the fastest, best coverage and minus the latest technology and features. Company's who've been permitted to grow this giant use influence in Congress to continue their illicit practices in plain sight. Cable and phone providers always show-up to stomp-out our right as citizens to choose and stomp- out any ideas that threaten their monopoly empire. Until blue in the face, AT&T uses their patsy (US Congress) and their silly "bills" to block cheaper municipal internet. We would be paying our city for trash pick-up, water, sewer, and cheap internet each month, but AT&T has effectively blocked this. Sometimes I feel like a fool handing over my wages to these service jerks. This perspective motivated my decision to cancel satellite service this month. I'm totalty cutting the cord. Next target on my bye-bye list: this pitiful excuse for "mobile data". Cricket should do better at identifying and rewarding all customer accounts that maintain uninterrupted service and stellar payment history like I have for years.... for squat.
Cricket unlock policies are very unfair. I bought a new brand phone and never activated the contract. So, I cannot unlock the device trough any unlock company. Cricket doesn't provide the unlock code nor purchase it!!!
This happened to me as well I paid for my my phone switched to cricket and decided I didn’t want to keep their services and now my phone is “locked” like wtf I paid for this phone from another company and had it unlocked and now it’s locked again!??? How exactly do I fix this??!
This happened to me as well I paid for my my phone switched to cricket and decided I didn’t want to keep their services and now my phone is “locked” like wtf I paid for this phone from another company and had it unlocked and now it’s locked again!??? How exactly do I fix this