cricket wireless lock my iPhone 11

  • 24 December 2021
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Cricket wireless has lock my unlocked iPhone 11 that I bought from Best Buy and it’s a unlocked device that I can put any service providers sim in. I was told the day that I left them that my phone will be unlocked that day nothing. Then I called and was told it would be unlocked that day nothing then I was told it will take 5 business days to unlock my phone. Nothing still lock after 5 business days then was told it would be 2-3 more business days to unlock. And still nothing I have repeatedly been lied to one that really got me was cricket didn’t lock my phone it was metro pcs how I left over 4 years ago  so call them talk to metro and they laugh at the idea they they would lock a phone 4 years down the line after I left.That if it was them how was I able to put my cricket sim in and use my phone for 4 years. But it Conveniently lock when I leave cricket for T-Mobile and I still don’t have access to my phone I’m stuck using a old Samsung i spent 1300 on this phone so I guess I’m out of that money and have no access to my iPhone  cricket wireless is horrible I will never tell anyone to use there service customer service lie all day to me and then I have also been hang up on you about 5 times because they don’t want to talk to me why my phone is still lock they are just horrible 

2 replies

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Hi @Ajmofffatt 

It sounds like your device may impacted by the “US Reseller Flex Policy”. Which allows stores like Best Buy keep in their inventory devices that have not been set for use on a specific carrier. These devices have been programmed by Apple so that the first carrier's SIM card inserted, the device will lock itself to that carrier. Our support team would be happy to assist with this. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue, wireless number, and IMEI of device for further assistance.

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@jdor_Cricket Nope that’s not it my first carrier was metro pcs so if that was the case I wouldn’t have been able to put my cricket sim in my iPhone 11 when I switch to yall and also metro and T-Mobile are the same company I still would be able to use my phone because of  that’s  who I switched to T-Mobile cricket has lock my sim they have told me this att also have told me this and T-Mobile  when I gave them my imei number so it’s cricket acting crazy because I left them and they decided to try and punish me for switching