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  • 30 April 2023
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I have such a problem. I bought a brand new phone (In a sealed box) me imei 355 054 414 014 017/ meid 355 054 414 014 01/ Serial Number:FFMGXVD8PLJM. From the person who brought this phone from the USA. After the acquisition, it turned out that he does not accept local sim cards. After checking, I realized that he was tied to the Cricket (USA) telecom operator. The phone is not stolen, it is clean without fraud. Please help me with the problem. Please check and write what can be done.

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5 replies

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By the way, I forgot to write. That I live in the Republic of Uzbekistan.
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I really ask for help. Help solve this problem.
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I ask the responsible persons from Cricket to consider my request. Sincerely, Abkamrov Radik.
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Hi @Radik Abkairov and welcome to the Community Forum! Unfortunately, your device does not meet our 6-month service requirement and cannot be unlocked. We’re sorry we cannot offer the resolution you’re looking for today. Please review our Device Unlock Policy here:

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Thanks for your reply. Maybe there is some kind of minimum fee, by paying which I could untie my phone from the Cricket operator?