Details Re: switching to new phone (SIM into new device) please?

  • 19 April 2019
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I've been using an antiquated device (HTC Desire 520 // Android 5.1 Lollipop) for over three years now. I own a brand new iPhone 6s Plus that I would much prefer switching to. The new device was purchased outright, is unlocked, and I own it-- I am not locked into any carrier.

I've been a Cricket customer for over half a decade, and would prefer to remain as such.

My questions:
1.) To obtain a new SIM, what is the cost?
2.) Will there be ANY delay in service-- either phone, text, data, or otherwise-- upon insertion of the new SIM into the iPhone?
(I ask because, in the past, there has been a dreadful "migration" which I don't feel should have occurred when no phone number or service change was undertaken-- only an upgraded device).
3.) Are there any changes, details, issues, etc.- significant or otherwise- that I should be aware of or for which I should plan?
4.) Where may I find more information relative to this, and these topics online (in addition to any answers provided) ?

I simply want to be prepared, as I utilize my device for work, and must be aware of any potential kinks, so to speak.

Thank you in advance!

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New sim cards can be purchased for $9.99 online, at a Cricket store, or from one of our national retailers. Service typically transfers immediately but there can be a delay. Other things to consider would be transferring over your contacts, e-mail, pictures, etc.