Does the iPhone 11 technically support HDR and considered an HDR display?

I just got the the 11 Pro Max and my brother just received the 11 and upon further inspection on both the Netflix and YouTube app I see an option for HDR on the 11 and I remember seeing that option on the XR as well. I’m not too familiar of what class of display passes HDR certification on the low end but if it’s not exactly “HDR” (most reviewer say it’s not HDR) can’t that be called for false advertisement? Looking at both displays watching the same video it’s actually hard seeing a overall sharpness and color differences on both displays at a normal viewing distance. In my opinion Apple did an amazing job on the 1routerlogin1’s display even at a sub-1080p resolution and an LCD display and I wouldn’t mind watching content and using it on a daily. The only time I can see a significant difference is in black levels. Obviously because the use of LCD on the 11, you can’t really get those inky black levels of OLED. What I’m trying to understand is if HDR cares less of resolution than overall color the display can output. I remember using the LG G6 which I still own having a Dolby Vision and HDR display but the actual quality of the display more or less looks worse than the 11 both in brightness and in color, even though the resolution is higher. Anyone have any ideas?