Got wrong information from an agent for the iPhone SE promotion

  • 21 November 2021
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I chatted online with an agent before I bought the iPhone SE promotion. Now cricket told me that the information from that agent was wrong. There is nothing they can do. I will need to continue with $60 plan for 3 months before I can change it. The agent I talked to before purchasing the order clearly told me that I can change my plan anytime after activae my phone. Cricket should honor the information from the agent. 


Attached is the relevant chat history a few hours before bought the iPhone SE (Oct 24th) on Cricket, I would be happy to forward the whole transcript if needed: 


USER: I will have to subscribe for the $60 plan to be eligible, or could I change my plan after the first month 

AGENT (Ron): While placing the order you need to select $60 UL more 
AGENT (Ron): For 3 month to get the device at $0.00 
AGENT (Ron): However as soon as your services are active you can contact us we can change the rate plan accordingly 

USER: okay I see, so I have to subscribe the $60 when I place the order, but I can change the plan after I activate my account? 
USER: but still be eligible for the offer? 

AGENT (Ron): Absolutely! 

3 replies

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Hello @liruiqi0! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. The transaction with the rep is correct. Once you have activated the service, you can change your plan at any time. You are not required to stay on the $60 Cricket More plan for 3 months. 

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@James_Cricket Thanks James! I just called the customer service this morning at 800-274-2538 but they told me I can’t change my plan becasue the iphone SE promotion. 

When I chatted with the rep before, I clearly mentioned the promotion at the beginning of the conversation. I am happy to share the transcript if it helps. Did you change the term of the promotion in the last month? I bought the plan on Oct 24th but only activated it yesterday 

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Hi @James_Cricket 

Here is the screenshot of the webiste archive on Oct 24th, after I purchased my plan.


It did not have “Account will remain subscribed to $60/mo. plan for three months” in the terms.