How can I unlock my phone while I’m in Spain?

  • 15 September 2021
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I have a huge problem.

I’m currently in Spain, and I cannot use a temporary SIM card because my iPhone is still locked to Cricket—even though I have had this phone for over two years. Furthermore, I can’t even unlock it because the app has not been letting me log-in since I’ve arrived in Spain. The error message simply tells me to call customer support.

But I can’t call customer support because, again, I don’t have any service. 

I feel checkmated by Cricket. 

Please help me unlock my phone so I can use a temporary SIM Card.

3 replies

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Did cricket ever help you? I’m stuck in a foreign country right now with the exact same problem. I’m going to post my situation here in hopes that somebody from cricket will help. I’m starting to really think that they’re purposely scamming us by forcing us to stay with cricket for as long as we have our phones. 

I’m currently stuck in a foreign country where I don’t speak even one word of the language and nobody speaks English. I am unable to use my phone because cricket locked it without me knowing. I can’t put in a SIM card from the country I’m in because of this issue. I brought my own phone with me to cricket, 100% unlocked two years ago. I’ve paid my bill on time for the past two years. I obviously meet the criteria to have it unlocked. But how can I get customer service to help??? The website wants to send me something via text. To my phone. Which is locked to cricket. While I’m in a foreign country. Yea… there’s that…. Using wifi, I talked to my daughter in the United States via fb messenger tonight. She went into a cricket store with me on messenger and was told they couldn’t help, call customer service. She did call. And sat on hold for 30+ minutes. Then a lady with a strong foreign accent that was very difficult to understand took her call. She asked all sorts of questions about the IMEI number, tons of other information that is completely irrelevant. I knew in the first 30 servings of the call that the woman was not going to solve the issue. She kept making promises that she was working to find a resolution. Blah blah blah. Then, she came back and hung up her end. Between driving to the cricket store and sitting on hold and answering pointless questions, we had already wasted 2 hours. Understanding the desperate situation we’re find ourselves in, unable to even call an Uber since we can’t use a sim card from this country where we can’t communicate at all, my daughter insisted on calling back. She sat on hold for another 30 minutes. This time, a man with an even thicker, even more difficult to understand accent took her call. After asking for ridiculous amounts of information, but not the IMEI number the the first woman insisted was vital, he promised that specialists were working toward a resolution and he promised to call my daughter within the hour. I knew from the first sentence that he wasn’t going to help. How did I know? Because he thanked us every 30 seconds for being so patient and helpful with the information. His conclusion was that the man I bought the phone from had it locked to his carrier. We’ll, that’s rather interesting since I verified that the phone was unlocked when I bought it by being the seller at a cricket store, watching the store worker show me that it said it wasn’t locked, then popping in my cricket SIM card to show me that everything was fine. I’ve used it for two years on cricket without any issues. Obviously, the rep wasn’t going help, but since my husband’s cricket phone is also locked here in this foreign country, we asked him to unlock that phone. Again, we paid 100% cash up front, directly to cricket, as we bought a cricket phone directly from them. He’s paid the bill in time for over 2 years. I couldn’t even understand the excuses the rep was giving for why he couldn’t unlock my husband’s phone. I legitimately don’t have a clue how he explained that one. Needless to say, and just as I expected, The second customer service rep never did call my daughter back. Cricket really does have a great scam going on. They locked our phones that we own, satisfied their requirements to pay for six months, and now, they’re refusing to unlock these phones, meaning that until we’re ready to buy new phones, they have us trapped. Meanwhile, I’m in a country where I can’t communicate at all, can’t go online to get an Uber, can’t get sections, etc. only inside my hotel can I use wifi to fb message my daughter who wasted 3+ hours of her own time today. Eventually, we will get new phones, and I will be quite thrilled to finally be able to leave cricket. So, if anybody is considering using cricket, look at their great prices and recognize that you’ll get exactly what you pay for. The great deal I got by joining cricket is really not such a great deal after all. Save yourself a headache and use a different carrier.




Because carriers are more open to unlocking out-of-contract phonesand you know the phone isn't stolen, this is a great way to get a newer phone to use abroad.

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Hi @Luisinspain 

Our support team would be happy to assist with this. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your request, wireless number, IMEI of device, and name on the account. They will check that the device is eligible for unlock, and provide further assistance.


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