How do I use a ringtone song on Iphone 8?

  • 29 June 2020
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I hate to admit how upset I am about iphone 8 not having an simple way to use a song as a ringtone or an alarm. I know it is just a ring tone, but I don't like something that's put on me. I don't really want to use canned ring tones, or buy ringtones from Apple. I want to use the same tunes / songs I used for years. Can anybody help? So irritated and can't help but wonder what kind of cheap money grubbing attempt is up to Apple to disable or delete this functionality.

I want to use this song as a ringtone:


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5 replies


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Ringtones management on iPhone 8 is possible via iMazing. It's a free service and I often customize iPhone ringtones for my electronics course assignments with free audio editors help

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Thank you for reaching out.  We do apologize you are feeling this way.  Unfortunately, Apple does require them to be purchased through them.  

You can download ringtones for phones at


download iphone ringtones free at here: