iPhone 11 Purchased Unlocked for Travel and Cricket Locked it

  • 1 December 2019
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About 10 days ago I purchased an unlocked iPhone 11 brand new from Bestbuy because I will be traveling soon to Europe. The purpose of buying the phone unlocked was for the ability to use it freely while I travel. Currently, I have 4 mobile lines with Cricket, which I have been a customer for over a year now. I discovered yesterday Cricket locked the phone to their network. This prevents me now from using my phone for the purpose for which it was purchased. I called Apple to verify the phone was originally indeed unlocked when I purchased it. After 3 long, grueling hours of being on the phone I finally got representative to expedite the issue to the Technical Department of Cricket. The representative told me I would receive and electronic unlock and a notification this was done. I am still waiting for the unlock. Can a moderator or supervisor please assist me here with the issue? How long does it take for the unlock request to complete ? I need my phone. My travels are approaching very soon. I am staying with Cricket, I just need to have the ability to use my phone for traveling purposes.

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@Samiamndosta This sounds like it is an issue with Apple's newer flex policy for phones. I would try Cricket's social media on twitter or Facebook. They seem to be able to help in most cases.

Thank you. I reached out to them this morning. I was told at most it would take 72 hours. So, I am waiting patiently. Once they have it unlocked, I’ll come back and change the status to resolved.
Thank you everyone for your help. About an hour ago my phone was unlocked. Yippie. I tested the phone with a different carrier sim, made a few calls, and then returned my sim from Cricket back to my phone. Europe here I come. SPECIAL NOTE: The unlock process in situations like this does take a little time to resolve. So, please give the Cricket Team time to work their magic. It requires work from Cricket and Apple partnership. So, as always when working through the channels it takes a little time. Just be patient. Thank you again Cricket, and yes, I am remaining with Cricket as my carrier here in the states as I am proud to be part of a great family, the Cricket Nation.