iPhone 12 not receiving texts from Android Pixel 3 with RCS enabled

  • 14 March 2021
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My daughter switched from a Galaxy S9 to an iPhone 12. She is no longer receiving texts from me (Pixel 3 also on Cricket). I wondered if it had something to do with RCS (called Chat Features in Google Messages). So, I turned it off on my phone and, sure enough, my text went through.

I have had RCS enabled for quite some time and have not had issues sending to other iPhone users.

That makes me think it’s something specific to iPhone 12. We did work with a Cricket customer service rep who had us update to the latest iOS and he also “refreshed the network” and had us restart the phone. Nothing has worked so far.

Is anyone else having similar issues or has someone solved this problem?


1 reply

May have answered my own question.

Turns out you have to disable RCS on your old phone before switching to iPhone and iMessages.

This reddit thread:

pointed to this Google page that describes how to disable Chat features associated with your phone number (with or without the old phone):

After I disabled it for my daughter’s phone number, I an now able to send her texts from my phone - with or without RCS enabled on my phone.