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  • 16 October 2020
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I'm planning on purchasing an iPhone12 Pro.  I'm assuming that it will work on Cricket and all I have to do is to purchase an unlocked phone?  The only concern I have is that the Pro series has a different sized SIM card so if Cricket doesn't have that available, I won't be able to use the new phone.  Does anyone have any info on that?  TIA!

14 replies

Yeah, this is a bit of a crucial topic now. I (admittedly) just pre-ordered 2 phones for us and am fully hoping things are as simple as just swapping my sim cards in a couple of weeks.

I just did the same, and I actually spoke with someone at cricket yesterday to ask about this and he said that yes the iPhone 12 should work fine on the cricket network and that I should be able to unlock it with them once I receive the phone, but to be honest the guy I talked to did not sound very confident or knowledgeable about the topic so it didn’t make me feel 100% sure that he knew what he was talking about!

The main issue i am worried about if you look at the fine print for the 5g it says that it has to be a Cricket phone

Compatible device required. At this time, 5G access will only be available on Cricket 5G devices. For 5G coverage

Hmmm that is concerning. If that’s true then the cricket representative I spoke to yesterday lied to me because I asked them this specific question and they said it would still work on their 5G network even if I bought the phone with apple!

So I just talked to the Cricket store person.  She said if want to take advantage of the benefit of 5G, then I'll have to change my plan.  I'm not doing that because we have a pretty inexpensive family plan with 4G network and I'm not looking for the 5G benefit until everyone else gets a 5G phone (not for a while). Otherwise, all I'll have to do is take the SIM card form my 8Plus and stick it in the new 12Pro and it should work.  Is what she told me.  We will see...

I called a second Cricket store just to confirm what I was told. He also said as long as the phone is unlocked, all I'll have to do is to move the SIM card from the old phone to the new phone.  Now, this person says if your phone has 5G capability, it should automatically connect to the 5G network whenever it's available and I won't have to do anything. I guess I'll find out when my new pone gets here in a couple of weeks!

Thanks for the update and quick reply. I'll be sure to keep an eye on this thread dqfansurvey.

You will definitely be able to activate the phone on cricket by swapping the sim. If you need a new sim (such as a different size), you can go to a cricket store, order online, or get an activation kit from your average Walmart, Target, etc... and swap the existing sim on your account.

The jury is still out on 5G access until they give official word or someone gets their hands on one, but given that the “compatible cricket phone” has never applied to unlocked iPhones (see mobile hotspot and WiFi calling), I don’t think new iPhone users will have an issue connecting to Cricket 5G. Obviously as you said though, you would need a Cricket plan that supports 5G though.
Iphone 12 all models are backwards compatible with 4g LTE I ordered and paid for AT&T iphone 12pro x2 myself
Thats what I believe too
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Here's the answer to you all 

Right now, if you have an unlocked phone from another carrier that was 5G or if you purchase a 5G phone from the manufacturer (Apple in this case), it will not work on Cricket 5G at the moment. Only if you purchase a 5G device directly from Cricket (website or store). Of course later we'll allow phones from other companies or manufacturers to be compatible with 5G, including the iPhone 12, but there's no info at the moment

My point is, I don't recommend to pre-order the iPhone 12 from Apple yet, until it's confirmed on the website from Cricket, that we'll sell it or that other 5G devices that are not from Cricket directly, can work on our 5G network. 
If you decide to pre-order it, keep in mind you might have an inconvenience of the phone not being compatible with Cricket 5G or network. 
It happened exactly the same with Samsung Galaxy S20. At first it was not compatible or on sale in Cricket, but later it kicked in.

Regarding the plan, 5G is only be available on the Unlimited More of $60/mo per line (or $90 for 2 lines, $110 for 3 lines, $130 for 4 lines, $160 for 5 lines). Lower plans will only have LTE.


Source: https://www.cricketwireless.com/support/great-big-network/5g-faqs.html


Thanks for the info,  This is too bad.  I contacted 2 different Cricket Wireless stores and talked to their staff about whether or not an iPhone 12 Pro purchased from Apple would work on the Cricket network by simply transferring the SIM Card.  Both said yes.  As far as the 5G network question goes, I was told that as long as I am on the unlimited plan (we have 3 lines for $110), it would pick it up wherever it's available.  I tried to chat with Cricket personnel online, but there was no live person (just got automated responses).  My iPhone 12 Pro will be arriving in a few days.  I won't be upset if it doesn't pick up the 5G network, but if it doesn't work with the Cricket network at all, I guess I'd have to switch providers, That would be a shame....  I wish Cricket was more forthcoming with all this info when I know many people must have contacted them about the new iPhone.  

Did you receive your phone already? And did it work finally with cricket even if it wasn’t on 5g but did it work o Lte?

My daughter had a problem of texting to friends with cellular with Cricket (not a 5G plan).   Went into Cellular in Settings.   Switched from  LTE to 4G seem to do the trick.  Need a couple days to see if that works.  She has a new iphone 12 Regular.  It’s not a PRO one.  That’s a strange workaround if that’s the case.