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  • 23 April 2023
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I am interested in purchasing a used iPhone SE from someone I know. He told me that he bought the phone from Cricket and it was locked to the carrier but it had been unlocked and I could now use the phone with any carrier. I put my Verizon SIM card in the phone and it wouldn’t work so he called Cricket and requested that the phone be unlocked. When he hung up he assured me that he was told that the phone would now be unlocked to any carrier but for now, it still says SIM is not supported and phone is locked to Cricket Wireless. How long does it take to process an unlock request? Can you verify that an unlock request was granted for this phone or if the phone is eligible to be unlocked from Cricket? 
I would greatly appreciate your help!
Thank you so much! 

IMEI- 35 684011 196907 6

IMEI2- 35 684011 196174 3



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2 replies

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Hello @Twinsis64! Please send us a PM @CricketSupport with the phone number, name associated to the device, and details of the issue.

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I purchased a IPhone SE from the son of a friend. He said the phone was originally from Cricket but it was now unlocked and could be used with any carrier. I tried to activate the phone with my Verizon SIM card but it said that the SIM card was not supported.
I went back to see Michael and he called Cricket while I was waiting. He assured me when he got off the phone that Cricket told him again that the phone was unlocked.
I tried again when I got home but it still wouldn’t work. I found information online that said I may need to have Verizon transfer my SIM card to Esim in order to use my service. I decided to contact Cricket instead and find out for sure if the phone is unlocked or not. 
I would really appreciate your help with this. 
I bought the phone from: Michael Young 
His telephone number is: 336-986-3301
There are 2 IMEI number’s listed in settings:

35684011196907 and 356840111961743

The serial number is: FFMDQ3ZQPLJP

Please let me know the current status of this phone.  If you need more information, please contact me and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible. Thank you so much.