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I’m looking to purchase an iPhone XR from the Apple military discount site. They offer an UNLOCKED option, but it says “UNLOCKED AND SIM-FREE”. I’ve never heard of a sim-free iPhone before. Will this work with Cricket?


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Thank you for your question.  If the device states it is unlocked and sim free it will work.  The sim free just means it does not come with a carrier specific sim card already.  

Thanks! I wish my local store was this helpful. When I asked them the same question, they said they wouldn’t be able to tell until they put one of their sims in the phone to know if it was compatible.

I purchased an iPhone XR back on May 10th, 2019... Now before purchasing this device, I spoke with the sales agent here in (Norfolk, Virginia ) about is the phone unlocked upon purchase and she assured me that it comes unlocked.... So I purchased the phone at $749+ tax... After having the phone for a week, my family and friends were complaining about calling me an I’m not answering.... I call cricket to see what’s going on with my phone, let’s just say it’s living HELL! So I tried to port my number out only to be told that my phone was locked to Cricket an I must use their service for 6 months, why’s that if I paid for my phone in full... That’s a contract written up and being used as a company policy.... I wrote the BBB about this because we’re being lied to just to get our money....

Don’t do it there lying 

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@Malik235 All carriers lock their phones to their service until certain requirements are met. Most no contract carriers require a certain number of months of usage since they don't have contracts or payment plans. If you want an unlocked phone you should go through Apple or somewhere like Best Buy.

Sale agents shouldn’t lie to the customers either 

Don’t worry I’m working on it though 

So if I am an existing Cricket customer with an iPhone 6S, I can purchase a new iPhone XR from the Apple military store and then just swap the SIM card from the 6S to the XR and I will be good to go?

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Bad info, I just purchased new iphone XS at Best Buy without sim or phone contract. When I installed my Cricket sim card from my old phone, it worked but the phone is now locked to Cricket.  Still not unlocked by Cricket yet after 5 days of constant discussions with support.

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Bad info comment was reply to Bulldog.

Probably not going to work because it’s either a lost or stolen phone. To often nowadays most people have everything they need on their phones.

To unlock your iPhone XR, you could try to use a software named TunesKit iOS System Repair. Launch it and choose the advanced mode to unlock your iPhone successfully.