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  • 24 September 2018
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I noticed the new iphone XS isn't listed on the eligible hotspot phones page, but all of the other iphones are.  Has this page just not been updated yet, or is hotspot not available for the iphone xs.  If it's not currently available do you have an ETA on when it will? I need mobile hotspot and will have to change to a new service provider if this isn't available soon.

8 replies

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Thank you for posting on Cricket's Forum. I have notified the appropriate department regarding the new iPhone XS not being on the list of compatible devices for mobile hotspot. Once they respond I will message you if the device is compatible or not. Once again thank you for giving us a heads up on this!


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Great news, I just received a response from our team that the iPhone XS is compatible to use the mobile hot spot feature. Thank you for letting us know, we will update this soon on the website!

I've talked to 3 cricket representatives that disagree with you. At this time your system does NOT allow the iPhone XS to add Mobile Hotspot. I have a ticket number stating this if you want to look it up it's ticket 1809221098014. Your second tier of support lacks knowledge and could not provide me a workaround. The second time I called the agent was adamant that the XS is not supported, but I had read on a forum that the IMEI needs to be changed. After changing the IMEI to an IPhone 7, I was able to add mobile hotspot, and it works. Again, the workaround for this is to update the IMEI to a previous version of IPhone so the system allows mobile hotspot to be added to the phone. Please get this corrected asap. This should not be an issue.
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Thanks for the update! With the ticket open they will push for the change that is needed.

She did not advise that any corrective action would take place. I believe she just closed the ticket. I asked for an ETA and was told I just have to wait to see if it would be supported.
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I will see if I can escalate this on our end for you. Hopefully we have an answer by tomorrow.

Any update on this?  Thanks!

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Hi, they are currently trying to work on fixing this issue. Once they email me with updates information I will send you a message with the results. Thank you for being patient with us!