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  • 16 July 2020
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Recently my iPhone XS was giving me full of storage notifications. I deleted pretty much half of my apps and about 400 photos and videos, but it literally did not change anything. The phone was still full and giving me notifications. I thought it was a small glitch or whatever, but the next day I wake up and my phone gave me the notification that I cannot use the internet, make phone calls, or anything on it because of the full sthappymodorage. I did the most stupid thing ever and did a reset on it to get it back and see if the problem might fix itself. Now the iPhone only starts and resets the bootup process. I assume it cannot b10. up because it's too full. I haven't put it in recovery mode be192.168.1.254cause I read that it then 100% erases your data. Is that so? Is there any chance I could get my phone back with no data loss or is it already gone at this point? The phone is still under warranty, but the store said Apple will delete all the data and reset it or give me a new one if it doesn't work.

Anyone that has experienced this: how did u fix it?

Thanks in advance!

2 replies

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This may be something you would want to make a warranty claim for. 

To make a warranty claim visit https://warranty.cricketwireless.com and follow the prompts on the site, or contact the Returns Center at 1-800-CRICKET (274-2538) for assistance. The support center will troubleshoot the device malfunction over the phone and provide instructions for the warranty return, if applicable.




Using iTunes to fix iPhone stuck on apple logo may erase your data. I know an repair tool can help you. You can search it on google.