Locked phone and crappy service

  • 20 July 2019
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Our service has been very hit or miss and we decided to go with another carrier. My phone went through with no issues but my husband’s that he bought is still in the magic six months. We called and they even admitted that our service was only on the good side but the “system” would not allow for an override to the phone lock. We have to turn off the cellular service or use our WiFi to make calls at home. We were not told about the phone lock with purchase. We were told we could leave at any time. Sure you can leave but not with their phone even though we paid for it. Crappy service and crappy practices.

1 reply

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@ztagal79 most carriers have unlock policies that can be found on their website. If you have a friend/family member that still has Cricket, you might want to let them use the phone until you meet the 6 mos. requirement. It doesn't matter who uses the phone under what number- it just has to be used with Cricket for 6 paid months.