MagSafe charging or Lightning charging

What's the best way of charging between the two to make your battery last longer?

I bought an iPhone 12 this January coming from a 7 and I was wondering if, aside from charging speed, there is an actual long term benefit in using one charging method instead of the other.

I read about people saying magsafe should make it last longer because it operates at 15W instead of the lighting charging at 20W, but it may also decrease the battery life because wireless charging produces quite some heat which causes batteries to degrade faster.

I don't really care about "fast charging" so I was considering buying a magsafe charger but only if it proves to be actually helpful.

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Thank you for reaching out.  Apple chargers or ones that can be purchased through our retailers are the best to use.  Any third-party charging can have a negative effect long-term on the device.  

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From what I gathered, it’s not really much of a difference that 5W extra will do on the battery. I been using fast wireless charging for more than a year, and my battery is doing great on my iPhone. I also like to believe that wireless charging or MagSafe charging would be less wear and tear on the lighting port. Just go with the one you like the most, and using an official charger I’m sure your battery will age just fine.