MMS - Android/iPhone Mix Issues

  • 26 July 2018
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So I've got an office where they are attempting to group message. 4-5 out of the 6 people are using some form of iPhone, some as old as the iPhone 4s I believe, but all the way up to the iPhone 6+. One of the users has an AT&T Samsung Note 5, and is extremely happy with it. When attempting to send group messages they run into issues where iMessage doesn't let them add the Android user because he isn't an iMessage registered user.Some of the Apple users were able to receive the messages from the Android user as a group text, while others don't get it. Then some of the iPhone users won't get other iPhone users messages properly in group, some of which will get them as individual SMS direct messages.What gives!? In 2016 I can't believe text messaging is so broken. Of course I'd blame Apple's inclusion of trying to force iMessage down peoples throats and being such a walled garden to not allow messages to pass to/from android users easier considering it is a standard Apple didn't create (MMS).Is there an easy solution to this problem? The owner just wants to blame the Android phone, even when the Android user was received fine at times and sent to fine. They are seriously considering getting him an iPhone as a fix which I don't think will do anything to resolve the problem in the long run, and would be a terrible "fix" to buy an entirely different phone when the user really likes his Note 5.

Please help.

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