• 22 October 2020
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Good morning. I have had a problem for a while now. I have an unlocked Iphone XS on Cricket network. I noticed that whenever I make a call, my connection goes from LTE to 4G, which I do not understand why. I even checked my settings on my Iphone and went to the "Cellular Data Options" setting and i HAVE "LTE" selected for "Voice & Data".

I googled it and an AT&T user said that it had something to do with him using the same old sim chip from an Iphone 6s in the past. The person had to go to an AT&T store and get an updated chip that is LTE compatible for Voice and Date (VOLTE). Could this be my problem as well? If so, which sim chip should I ask for?

1 reply

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@lilman_c Cricket only has one SIM, but you may have the older version, or just need to do a SIM swap in general. I would also suggest doing a complete network reset and make sure your software is up to date. Reach out to them on FB. It's better than calling. Good luck!