Ported My Number to Cricket Now Cannot Receive Texts

  • 20 August 2021
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Hello. I have an iPhone 7Plus and ported my number to Cricket last week. I am now not receiving original or reply text messages from people. Some are iPhone users and some are Android users, there is no rhyme or reason to it. 
I’ve tried Cricket support 3x and they have no clue what to do to fix the problem.

Full factory resets, replacement SIM, reset Network Settings, brand new iPhone SE…nothing works. This issue is somehow tied to my phone number.
I have found several posts online where AT&T users experiencing the exact same problem complained to AT&T upper management and somehow their issue was resolved in 2-3 days. Does Cricket have that level of support?

1 reply

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Thanks for commenting on the community forum! Our support team would love to investigate this issue further! Please contact Cricket Support on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) if you need additional assistance.  💚