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  • 6 August 2022
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My phone needs a puk code… it’s locked. what is this?


Best answer by Marlena_Cricket 29 August 2022, 21:26

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5 replies

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I don’t know what the puk you’re talking about. 

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That’s rude… But that’s cricket for you. You guys really do not care about your customers. Wow

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I’m not working for cricket. These are all cricket customers posting here unless otherwise noted. Also, for an extra 5 dollars a month, we can get you a sense of humor. 

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Goodness you need to get a life, if all you can do is come on here and diss people. Poor soul..Hope you find some friends soon. I’ll pray for you.

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Hi @Tis1TrueLady and welcome to the Community Forum! We can provide your PUK code. This happens when you lock your SIM card. Send us a private message to @CricketSupport and include the name and address on your account, your wireless number, the IMEI number of your device, and your SIM card number.