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I’m dealing with the iPhone of my 98-year-old mother.  She has suffered some cognitive decline during the past 60 days.  She also fell last Sunday, was admitted to the ER, and has now moved to a nursing home.  After 71 years, 7 months, and 18 days in that house, it’s likely that she’ll never go back.

I can text the existing number via iMessage.

The store tries to text a PIN to the phone, but it doesn’t go through (probably because it needs cellular service, which is what we’re trying to reactivate).

I don’t know whether we’re still within the 60-day window to reactivate the same number.

I have everything except the PIN.  I tried to log in with number and password and am told that account is cancelled.

The iPhone is her lifeline.

I’m currently at a Cricket store, and am told that this store (and perhaps others) no longer has the ability to bypass the PIN.

It seems to me that there has to be a way to escalate this, given the circumstances.

Anyone know whom I might contact?

Vince Lackner

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Hello, unfortunately if you cannot remember the pin and need it reset it can only be done via text.  


Pin number to get in my phone needs resert.8 digit number


Pin 8 digit number.  Please help locked out