Returned phone, but no refund after 26 days

  • 31 October 2022
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Returned phone no refund

I place an order for a phone online on 9/27/2022. I received a phone with the wrong GB(!), so I returned it immediately using the return label they provided. The trucking number shows they received it in Fort Worth, TX on 10/4/2022.  Well, I waited for the refund and it didn’t come.  So I called and was told I had to wait for at least 10 days. I waited for 10 days passed, and still no refund. I called their customer service numerous times to request a refund, but none of the agents could help me despite the fact had kept a good record of shipping dates, the order number, the reference number, UPS track number, and all the dates of the transactions. I spoke with at least six customer care agents, two warranty agents (because they said that's who I needed to speak to, only to be told I needed to speak with a customer service agent again...), over two to three hours at a time in vain. The last agent I spoke with pretended she was checking something and hunged up on me. They all avoided dealing with the refund. It is October 30 today, and still no refund. Horrible service and I just wonder if they are trained to avoid the refund.  At least send me back the phone if I am not getting a refund. 


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Hey @MakikoR 

Thanks for posting. I’m sorry to hear about your experience!

Our support team would be happy to look into this and assist further. Please send a private message to our @CricketSupport account with your wireless number, name on the account, order number and return tracking for further assistance.