Streaming Music Doesn't Work Until After a Reboot iPhone X

  • 7 August 2022
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Hi All,


Started having this strange issue where I can’t stream any music. A reboot of my iPhone X seems to fix it but only temporary. Within several hours the issue will happen again. Internet seems to be somewhat ok when I have this issue. I am seeing around 50 Mbps, web browser seems to also be impacted.

TuneIn takes about 45 seconds to load. After the reboot it loads within 5-10 seconds. I also noticed my bars were at two prior to the reboot and are at 4 after. Can someone let me know what the issue might be?




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6 replies

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Hi there @npolite! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for posting. We are sorry to hear about your recent troubles. Have you confirmed that the streaming app is up to date and on the latest software version? 

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Hi @James_Cricket ,


Applications are all up to date. The odd thing is it seems most data is impacted. Waze indicates there is no network connection. This happened after about an hour since the last reboot. If I reboot it again the issue goes away. Does this look like a bad sim card?

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Here is a follow-up. I moved the Sim into my old iPhone 6 and have the same issue. So the problem is either with my account setup or the SIM card.

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We’re happy to review your account and see what we can do to resolve this issue for you. For further assistance, please DM us @CricketSupport 😀

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I tried contacting support via chat and they weren’t helpful. They would not troubleshoot any further as I was not on the latest iOS version despite this issue happening on both phones (as well as troubleshooting with my older iphone6).

I then called into support and the person Al that I spoke with said there is a tower maintenance happening until 8/16. I really want to believe this is the issue but why would my phones try to contact a tower if it is offline? It just doesn’t make sense. The phone shouldn’t even be seeing it to begin with. If this isn’t resolved on Wednesday, I will be calling back in and demanding a refund for this month. 


Try updating the software to the latest version. The iPhone often has these errors.