• 17 November 2022
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My phone is in SOS mode again. Happened 2 days ago and cricket store said I needed a new SIM card. Paid $10.90 and 2 days later happened again. Called 800 cricket and they have no idea said they would call my contact number back. 4 hours and no call. 


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7 replies

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Hi @Mfrench we are sorry to hear of this and would be glad to assist you further. May you Private Message us at @CricketSupport for further assistance. 

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my phone is doing the same thing and my other phone on my plan keep lose service off /on 

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@Mfrench Hello I am having the same issue and I wanted to see ( since I saw that they replied back to you) to see if they were able to help you ? 


Thank you

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no i have not heard anything 



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Hi @ankney8919 and @mars, welcome to the Community Forum! Please feel free to send us a private message to @CricketSupport if you need assistance as well. Be sure to include the name on your account, your wireless number, the IMEI number of your phone, your SIM card number, and the complete address where you’re experiencing issues.


Have you gotten the SOS thing figured out because my phone is doing it and won’t let me call out


So my iPhone 13 Pro was stuck in SOS mode for two whole months. I made MULTIPLE trips to the Apple Store, Best Buy, AND Cricket Wireless. I switched out so many SIMS which included deleting and downloading numerous eSIMS to no avail. And what do you know…none of them could figure it out.

I decided to do my own research & development being the BIG girl nerd I am. First off, the reason for Cricket not knowing what the problem is with their own service/phones is simply because this is a brand new problem that they will start seeing more and more of as the weeks go by. With the launch of the eSIMS, there as some bugs just like iOS updates etc…(and if you think about it, this is their trial run with the eSIM since it has just been introduced to the masses)


The whole eSIM phenomena has also caused a bigger problem that they don’t yet realize. Cricket’s data updates (similar to Apple’s IOS updates we get)  are not reaching some of their customers a.k.a those of us whose phones get stuck in SOS mode. It is taking a substantial amount of time to make contact with our phones so they our carrier settings aren’t being updated hence the reason we lose service.

Cricket usually sends an automated text telling you that your carrier settings (also known as data settings)have been updated blah blah blah. Today I got that text and for about an hour, the SOS disappeared and I had service after being without for two whole months. I wish I could say that was the fix all end all, in most likely happen again to all of us on this thread multiple times until they fix the eSIM “compatibility bugs” for lack of better terminology. I was out finally out of SOS prison but for only 2 hours and BAM! back to SOS mode. 😒😡  Unfortunately there is nothing you can do really to fix it for good until they do the footwork on their end. I hope that helped a little. At least you know it’s origin 😊

** And i know, that doesn’t make it better or take the immense stress away as a result of this eBUG…I’m sorry :( **    -Ashley