switch from iphone 7 with sim to iphone 14 with esim

  • 13 January 2023
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I have an iPhone 7 and I am currently a Cricket customer.  Recently I got an iPhone 14.  So, I am trying to switch to the new phone. Since my current iPhone 7 is using a physical SIM card, I am not sure how to switch to the IPhone 14, which is eSIM only. 

Obviously, iPhone 7 is not supporting eSIM.  So, I cannot convert to eSIM first and the transfer everything from the iPhone 7 to iPhone 14. 

So, what is the easiest way to make it work? 

If I simply just start setting up the new iPhone 14 and transfer things from the iPhone 7, I would not be able to take the SIM card and insert it to the iPhone 14. So, I assume there is a way to switch my SIM card to eSIM when setting up my iPhone 14. I need to know if there is any step-by-step instructions to help me with this.


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You will need to reach out to customer service so they can provide you a QR code through email to activate your new iphone. In regards to file transfer they can help you with that over the phone too, or alternatively call apple support as that does go through icloud and you will need your appleid and password.