• 15 July 2019
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I have been a customer for 2 years & cricket is refusing to unlock my iPhone 7. I paid cash for this phone & no where on my receipt does it say this particular phone has to be in use for 6 months before it will be unlocked. I have 1 month until I hit that 6 months & I am going abroad. In store they told me my phone was unlocked & useable abroad. It’s not. Calling customer service was pointless. They told me it needed to be active 6 months then 7 months & they can’t help because the system is what unlocks phones. They can unlock at anytime for military so I know this can be rectified by UNLOCKING my phone. If anyone knows how to get this unlocked please advise. Waiting the month is not an option.

3 replies

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We would like to look into this further for you. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook (m.me/cricketwireless) or twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue.

Cricket did the same scam against me. I switched to cricket from T-Mobile. I was using an unlocked Google Nexus 6. I only use unlocked phones because I travel to other countries. Cricket offered me an LG Fortune for $50. Cricket said they would unlock it after 6 months. I lost track of the time. 8 months later I remembered and asked Cricket to unlock the phone as they promised. Cricket refused. Cricket said I was a customer in good standing, however, to unlock the LG I bought, my SIM card needed to reside in the LG phone for 6 months. Despite paying for service and buying the phone, Cricket used a loophole to break their promise. I wrote a letter to management making it clear that to keep me as a customer, Cricket must fulfill their promise and their word. Cricket declined and I cancelled my service immediately. It cost me more money, but that is what was required to keep my word and integrity. 

May 12, 2018

Cricket Wireless COMPLAINT
575 Morosgo Dr NE
Atlanta, GA 30324

Dear Cricket Wireless,
I googled “Cricket Wireless Mission Statement,” and found the following: At Cricket Wireless, we're on a mission to make customers like you satisfied with your cell phone carrier like never before, providing you with wireless service to smile about. That means no annual contracts, cheap cell phone plan prices, and no surprises.

You promise satisfaction, smiles and no surprises. Yet I spoke to five Cricket representatives today, and feel surprised, cheated and defrauded. I was with my last carrier for 15 years. I expected to be with Cricket for the next 15 years. I doubt I’ll be with Cricket another week.

You need to understand how I use my phone and why I bought the new phone. I travel and work internationally. Therefore I require an unlocked GSM phone. This allows me to fly to another country, buy a SIM card in the airport and use my phone and contacts immediately in most parts of the world. Then I return to the USA, switch back to my Cricket SIM card.

In January 2018, I switched to Cricket and I bought a new phone. I put the Cricket SIM in my old unlocked phone. My plan was to wait six months, unlock the new Cricket phone and start using it in June 2018 once six month had passed and the new phone allowed to be unlocked.

Now I am informed, Cricket doesn’t care if I’m a loyal customer, nor if I reliably pay my bill. Cricket will never honor their promise to unlock my new phone after six months. It is ironic. Cricket’s policy designed to retain customers is doing the opposite. Your retention policy is causing me to leave your company. Because to me, I don’t do business with liars who do not keep their word. Cricket has acted in bad faith. Cricket seems unwilling to retain my business, nor honor their word. I will move to a different carrier. Unfortunate. It is a pity, but I will probably dump Cricket before June 1, 2018, before my next billing cycle.