Why did my (unlocked, purchased from apple store) iPhone randomly get blacklisted (lost/stolen)?

  • 16 November 2022
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Yesterday, my iPhone 11 that I purchased unlocked from the applestore in 2019 and have been using with Cricket since I purchased it randomly locked and I come to find out that it was reported Lost or Stolen.

After spending hours between Apple and Cricket, I ended the night with no progress as the two companies just kept blaming eachother.

The only thing I know is that my IMEI is blocked despite me never reporting the phone as stolen or lost and I have been the only owner of the iphone. Please help me fix this.


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2 replies

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Hello @suBt3xt, we are sorry to hear this. Send us a PM @CricketSupport with the phone number, IMEI, and details of the issue.

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I’m not sure why this is marked solved?


This issue is not solved for me.