Why is it not listed on the website, when you purchase a phone at full price, you are locked in 6mos

  • 11 April 2019
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I purchased an  Iphone from Cricket at full price.  The store never said that you were now locked into contract for 6 months.  I looked at the website and don't find it there.  It says you are not locked into an annual contract.  Why does it not say you ARE LOCKED INTO 6 MONTHS.  Tried to talk to a manager at customer service.  Apparently I was told they do not take calls from customers.  What the heck?  TOTALLY FALSE ADVERTISING!!!!

4 replies

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@sjhall Thank you for posting on our community forum. Below I have provide a link to our unlock policy. If the device meets the requirements on the link we will be happy to unlock the device:


I totally go scammed into the one also. They told me in the store I would have the same coverage and service I had with at&t no problems false information it will not connect to mobile networks will not follow us down the road when traveling have to stop connect to a WiFi to get service the phone do not work in the areas we used with per at&t phones. Been back to the store several times they change setting and still does not work. I requested them to unlock the phones we purchased so I can go back to at&t they said I am in a 6 month contract and they will not unlock. No one ever said anything about 6 months or i would of never switched and told them up front if the service does not meet the needs where we travel i would not stay and they said no problem.
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I do believe that six months applies only if you want to unlock your phone
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Is this true? I bought my phone at a store and didn't have a problem.