Why isn't Cricket unlocking Iphone 11 I bought unlocked directly from Apple?

  • 11 June 2022
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Cricket Trouble Ticket C-FQHV7E   June 9, 2022.  Bought unlocked Iphone 11 directly from carrier.  Took home put Cricket SIM in.  Has worked fine for 2 or 3 years.  Was 4th line on my Cricket acct.  Phone must be used overseas for 2 months.  Late on June 7, 2022, put SIM in from other carrier.  Error message said could not connect to this carrier.  On morning  of June 8, 2022, spoke with two diff Cricket tech support about half hour apart to make sure phone was unlocked.  They only asked for phone number on phone to check.  Both times was told not locked.  That eve, tried SIM from a 2 nd non Cricket carrier to test.  Same error meesage.  This implies phone is locked.

On June 9 called Cricket tech line 3rd time.  Tech said phone is indeed locked.  I said I need to speak to supervisor because I will be reporting this to FCC.  Supervisor wrote expedited ticket for "back office" to unlock.  Said flight overseas is eve on June 12.  Was told would get phone call between 10pm and 11 pm on that day June 9 from back office.  Did not get that call. 

On my own found info. on phone that states phone is carrier locked/SIM locked.

Called tech support 8:20am on June 10, spoke with tech supervisor.  Said ticket is expedited.  He checked and said phone would be unlocked by midnight June 10.  Phone is still locked at 3am on June 11.

Will be calling tech support in June 11.  Cricket tech support on reduced hours 9am to 9pm CST.

Why did Cricket network lock my IPhone I bought new from Apple store unlocked when Cricket has no financial interest in this phone?  I believe the law,/regulations relating to locking and unlocking cell phones as currently implemented, is being violated when a ANY carrier locks an unlocked phone they have no financial interest in.

I now have to spend hours today, June 11, trying to figure out what other phone I can obtain, to use for 2 months while NOT be able to use my Cricket phone number overseas.  Cricket has caused me to waste hours of my time, has told me wrong info. multiple times on this issue, and now is going to cause me to spend hundreds of dollars because it is holding my property, my phone, hostage, in violation of FCC rules/regs/laws.


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Hello @Rich Hodson and thank you for posting on our Cricket Community Forum. We are sorry to hear about the recent troubles with getting your device unlocked. Please know that this is not set by Cricket but something set back Apple. The first network that is used on the device will be locked to that device. Our Support team is happy to assist you with getting the device unlocked. We ask that you please DM us @CricketSupport with your device IMEI number that you need unlocked and the Cricket phone number used on the device 👍