Account suspended because Cricket system last night did not work and glitched

  • 26 August 2019
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Last night August 25th 2019 my bridge pay payment was due before 11:59pm CT
I had the funds available and called 611. The system WOULD NOT recognize my number for over an hour! I also went to myaccount on and the system said myaccount was temporarily unavailable!!! So the only two ways I could make my payment (which I had the funds for THEN) were not working at all. I kept checking myaccount and calling and the SYSTEM tells me my account is now at a ZERO BALANCE and gives me my next dude date in September. An hour later the system now says I didnt pay the bridge payment on time and suspended my account and says I have to pay the FULL BILL AGAIN!!!!
I have been a LOYAL customer for I believe 10 + years and for this too happen , when I did everything I was supposed too on my end is NOT ACCEPTABLE!
I have now been without any service for hours and it's solely based on YOUR system not allowing me to pay when I was supposed too and then lying to me that my account was zero balance. Then an hour later your system suspends me and makes me owe my whole bill again. I need this rectified IMMEDIATELY and I need to be 100% compensated on my full bill. I did everything I was supposed too at the correct time.
Someone contact me ASAP!!

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@Codgmork I'm sorry that this happened. If you're looking for immediate help from a Cricket employee a forum is likely not the best place to reach out. A community forum is more for individuals to post questions and get responses from other members. I do know that if you miss your BridgePay payment your cycle starts over so you do get a full month if you pay the full amount. Your 1st payment goes towards the 7 days that you were in BridgePay. I hope that helps.