Adding a line caused Cricket Autopay to charge me incorrectly and suspend my service the next day

  • 10 August 2023
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Adding a line yesterday caused Cricket Autopay to charge me incorrectly and suspend my service the next day.  And then they charge me a reactivation fee.  I point this out to customer service and they explain again and again that it was the system that did this and I should’ve added the line 7 days in advance of the autopay.  They stand by the reactivation fee as a valid charge.   I find it ridiculous that this limitation in their system caused me to lose service to three lines, incur a service fee and wasted hours of my time talking with four representatives.    Not to mention the first representative gave me the “my headset is malfunctioning I can’t hear you” runaround and then transferred me nowhere.  The third one gave me a “heads up” that I will get nowhere with my complaint because their charges are valid.  And when I finally got the manager she repeated endless customer service lyrics and seemed to think that this was all my fault because I tried to add a line when “everyone knows that you shouldn’t add a line on the website near to your autopay date”.   It is mind boggling to me that they would think it is good practice to turn off service and charge a fee to a customer who is trying to pay more by adding a line.


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6 replies

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Thanks for commenting! 

Auto Pay will automatically charge the full amount due. Your amount due includes your rate plan and any monthly features currently on your account. This amount won't change unless you change your plan or features, or if you have any existing credits, charges, or fees on your account less than 2 days before the end of your cycle. 

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So since I added a line the day before, it is my fault @Julie_Cricket21 ??  That is what you all seem to be saying.  Where are the warnings about this?   Simply repeating the same customer service lines again and again just reinforces your poor customer service.

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Hi @whyohwhy, we’d be happy to review your account to determine how we can help. Please send a PM to @CricketSupport and include the name on your account and your wireless number. Thank you for choosing the #CricketNation. 

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Sent them the info and this thread.  This is their reply:

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Cricket confirms my story…  How is this helpful?



 4 days ago

Thank you for your patience, we reviewed your account and we see that the line was activated after the autopay made the payment and before the new billing cycle started, therefore, when you activated the line on August 9th (the last day of your billing cycle), the system took some credits and that caused the suspension on your lines.

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And they confirm it again.   Again, not helpful.   We would be better served by ChatGPT instead of the Diehard Duterte Supporters.