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  • 31 October 2021
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I am a long time LOYAL customer of Cricket wireless and I am down right flabbergasted but the lack of customer service when the rep admits to the blatant overcharge. Even the supervisor on duty was clearly stating that it's my fault I was being overcharged. 

  So let's start from the beginning. On February 28th 2021, my wife purchased a new Google Pixel 5 and upgrade her Byod Pixel 3XL. The store rep stated that we had to upgrade the service to the 5G Pro plan for her device to receive the 5G service. The other 2 phones on the account were not 5G compatible.  If we were to upgrade device in the future, we would be covered under the pro plan. This month, Oct 2021, I purchased an IPhone 12 Max Pro and can see I have 5G service. No issues there so we are good to go. Oct 29 Cricket changes the plans to support 5G for all plans which is awesome so no worries there. Oct 30th 2021, I get a text about a plan change, being curious of said change, I call Cricket customer care to find out what changes on my account. The rep stated that the line 513-487-**** now has access to the 5G network. ????? So I stated my case about that specific line and the forced upgrade to have 5G access. I was told it's my fault and I should have known, they won't credit for the mistake and that she is getting the access cause of the new program. So I was forced to be overcharged and I wasn't getting the services that I was paying for.

  I can't leave Cricket and go to a different provider. Why? Like a dummy I paid full price (cash) 1300+ for my IPhone 12 max Pro and I am being held hostage. If I leave the my phone is a paper weight because they won't unlock my personally owned device. My loyalty has been tested and I can't continue to keep being robbed by Cricket. I am looking into some sort of action if this doesn't get resolved quickly.


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Hello there! We’re sorry to see you’ve had a poor recent experience. We recommend reaching out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) for a full review of your charges.

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Why? Is support going to refund my money???

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@Gwentworth Girl, you think they’re about to refund you for 8 months of service charges??:joy: You should of read the Terms & Conditions. They can change the plans at any time. I’m just thankful to be saving money in the future, while getting BETTER coverage. 5G coverage at that..for $40 a month. Whew Chile.