Auto Pay Billing glitch

  • 30 March 2023
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I had my service deactivated today and had to pay a reactivation fee due to an autopay billing glitch. 


I added hotspot feature yesterday to try to download a show an an ipad at the airport. Apparently my phone isn’t compatible with hotspot (Pixel 6 - unlocked) but Cricket doesn’t tell you that when you add the feature. That’s beside the point though.


The issue is that my autopay happened on the 28th and the billing cycle started on the 29th. When I activated the hotspot feature, apparently it deducted from my autopay, and said that I had $0 balance. But what it actually did was deduct the funds from autopay, without updating the autopay amount, so when it tried to deduct from autopay for my new billing cycle I had insufficient funds and my account was suspended. 


I’ve talked to chat and a person and supervisor over the phone about this and no one will refund my reactivation fee. In my view, I never had a chance to avoid the account suspension or reactivation fee. 


Please someone see the problem here and help!



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Hi @Daniel4614 , we thank you for reaching out to Cricket Forum! We are sorry to hear of this and would be glad to take a closer look into this for you. May you Private Message us @CricketSupport the name and wireless number associated with your account.