Auto-pay Charge Declined by Credit Card Company as Possibly Fraudulent

  • 4 February 2020
  • 2 replies

My regularly monthly charge via auto-pay was denied by my credit card company as possibly fraudulent and my account suspended. At the same time, my phone service was also suspended. Before I could get the credit card issue resolved and my service restored, i had incurred a reactivation fee. Should I be forced to pay a reactivation fee because Cricket is perceived as fraudulent?

2 replies

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@woboston This sounds like something you should take up with your credit card company. Perhaps they can credit you for the extra fee. Cricket didn't do anything to cause your account to be suspended or get charged extra fees. That was the result of something your cc company did.

Thank you for responding, Bulldog,
Last year my credit card account was hacked and a variety of charges incurred.
As result, Capital One has been hyper-vigilant. The original card which I had connected to my Cricket account was within a few dollars of reaching its limit. The Cricket charge would have put me over my limit, so the transaction was declined. I immediately substituted my Capital One card which considered the transaction possibly fraudulent and denied it, causing cricket to suspend my account. The question remains: should I be penalized for automated actions that prevent me from paying when I have the funds available and, under normal circumstances, the mechanism by which to pay.