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  • 12 April 2019
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Cricket auto deducts their $35 every month on the 11th. I am told that my plan restarts is on the 13th of every month. The 2 days of data throttling is the issue.

I have an appointment with the consumer division at our State Attorney Generals office to review the 2 days and file an investigation if possible. It the 2 day lag between paying and service redtorment normal to you? Thanks

3 replies

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Thank you for reaching out.  We'll charge your card one (1) day before your due date.  These terms can be seen in the link below.

I completely disagree with them setting an autopay date then charging two days early.
They wouldn't allow any of their customers to get their data renewed two days early what makes them think they can just charge their paying customers accounts 2-data early?
They think they have free reign over your account as soon as you agree to this autopay.
They have no regard for their customers agreeing to payment dates and quickly disregard our rights as soon as we agree to it.
I would not use this autopay service. It's a scam and just another way for this company to rip off their customers.
What's a measly $5 anyways. They make it sound like they're doing their clientele a huge favor. What a joke!!!
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Hello @itsmejonny

Rate plans are based on a 1 month cycle. If we restarted your bill based on when you pay then you would not be getting a full month of service. Auto pay payments are charged 1 day before the bill due date. Part of the reason for this is to ensure customers have time to make arrangements if there is an issue with the payment. When customers sign up for auto pay they agree to these terms. Auto-pay can be cancelled anytime if you wish to pay closer to your bill cycle date.