Auto Pay Problems

  • 31 May 2023
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I've had my account on autopay for the last year and a half without issue. All of a sudden, 5 months ago, the autopay would not go through on my credit card. Despite this, I was able to manually pay the bill with the same credit card and information. I have already talked to my credit card company and they said there is no block on the card related to Cricket or A,T&T. I contacted Cricket on the phone at least three times to try to rectify this. Apparently many people are having this issue. One of the Cricket agents lied and said that I'm the only one having the issue! #1, how could this agent possibly know that? And, that is a pretty broad statement, so you know that it's a lie designed to get me off the phone as soon as possible. I want this issue fixed!! I keep getting texts from cricket announcing that my auto pay was declined. Then I have to drop everything and manually enter the credit card info to try to avoid the late payment fees and or cancellation fees!! Cricket, fix your s***!


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Hello @gildenjohn! We are sorry to hear this. Send us a PM @CricketSupport with the phone number and details of the issue.