Autopay Issues - Suspended Service

  • 25 December 2022
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I've had autopay set up for the past 5 or 6 years.  It's never been an issue.  Last month I see autopay didn't go through (although I'm unsure why).  Today I wake up -- on Christmas -- to a phone that won't work.  I look at my account and it has been suspended.  Autopay didn't work as it should have this month either.  Now they want me to pay an extra $15 to reactivate my SUSPENDED account.  No ma'am!  Autopay failed on Cricket's end.  All of my info has been the same and never changed.  Something's going on and I shouldn't have to pay a reconnect fee.  Not happy right now, Cricket.  I'm not happy at all.  I need this issue resolved.


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Hi @brimilew 

I’m sorry to hear about that experience, and our support team would be happy to review and provide further assistance. Feel free to send us a PM to our @CricketSupport account with your wireless number and name on the account for further assistance.


We had the same issue the last two months. For some reason, auto pay “can’t” charge my card. Last month they suspended our account even though it was their website that refused to take the charge until the day after our bill was due. Had to pay a reinstatement fee of $25. Then again this month, suddenly they “can’t” charge the card again. I’m pretty sure they’re actively trying to scam people out of that reinstatement fee. Fortunately I was able to pay, with the same auto pay card, before they screwed us again. AT&T out here robbing it’s customers.


I just had a similar issue.  Have been a customer for many years and my wife's phone was throttled while she was traveling and couldn't use her phone to even get an Uber so I upgraded her plan to 10GB. I am set up on autopay. For some reason Cricket suspended our accounts although I am on autopay but they said it was because the upgrade was within 7 days of billing cycle.  I was never notified I owed additional money but instead they suspended my account and wanted $15 to re-activate.  To me this appears to be fraud and I have seen a few other cases online this has happened to.  

Curious how many others this has happened to and if this is intentional.  Should we file with the FTC?