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  • 20 August 2019
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Why is it that Cricket does not offer a way to pay your bill from your bank's bill-pay system?  I called support to get an address -- no such luck.  I called a local office -- nope there either.   From what I gather, there is NO WAY to send an ACH draft to ANYWHERE that will get your bill paid.  They want you to use a credit card,  go to the office and pay cash or set up auto PULL where they can screw up and pull your payment 5 times if they want.  

This is the 21st Century. I even pay my electric bill with my bill pay system.   Everybody has some sort of central office SOMEWHERE.  ( unless the central office is in Russia or Zimbabwe or somewhere like that ).  This is really disappointing.  

I plan to find another phone company.  Hell,  even Walmart has a way to pay PRE-PAY phones from your bill-pay.


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@disgruntled Sorry for the inconvenience Cricket does not take checks as form of payment of ACH funds. Below I have provided a link to our payment options.