• 15 July 2021
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I was recently qualified for the emergency broadband benifet due to COVID-19 and when I was applied the discount to my billing account I was notified 2 different times from 2 different reps of the amount that was going to be owed for my account and it was stated to me the same amount I was told by both reps well I went on to my online account to pay my bill before my cutoff date and paid as I noted again same amount I was told to pay I paid it and I was showed a $0 balance for my account so this morning I reached for my phone to make a call and guess what no service fort a msg sorry your service is temporarily disconnected due to non-payment owed on your account I'm like wth I called customer service and was told you have a balance owed on your account with a restoration fee I'm arguing with the rep I'm connected with telling him everything that I'm mentioning here so I asked for the supervisor because first I'm pisses 2nd why was I told by to different reps the same amount due for my account and 3rd it also showing on my online account same amount I was told to pay well this rep tells me oh um the supervisor is in a meeting right now would you like to wait a few minutes so I said yes then tells me well there is nothing we can do supervisor said you have to pay to get service restored ok where is the supervisor to tell me this I'm waiting well tells me oh I just messaged the supervisor and says the meeting is going to be held longer than expected I'm sorry this is B's of cricket I have been with cricket for so long and even came back at one time because of a issue I had with cricket and now again due to false information or just these reps you all have don't know a damn thing I guess this will be another move from cricket again and this time for good because I'm not the one that like to be given mixed/lied information to and no don't need to speak to any other rep to be told of what I was already again. One very very mad furious disappointed customer.

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Hello @Aguilar4258! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. We are sorry to hear about your recent billing issue and are happy to look further into this for you. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) with your Cricket phone number and the details of your issue. Our goal is to get this resolved for you!