bridge pay not working

  • 18 November 2021
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So I called in to make a bridge pay. I selected bridge pay in the automated system but at the end after entering my card info it gave me an error message and attempted to transfer me to an agent. It processed my payment but did not apply it as a bridge pay extension and now my services are suspended. I am livid right now!!! I have kids that need to be able to reach me. Your system had an error and I demand my services be restored or I will go with another company. I also will get on every social site and share my experience. This has never happened. Now I have to wait until 9am before I can even speak to someone. That’s 9 hours of no service after I made the payment that I was supposed. I am BEYOND ANGRY!!!

1 reply

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Thank you for commenting! We’re sorry to see you’ve had issues with BridgePay. We’re sending you a private message to resolve this issue.