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I went through the automated system a total of 4 times last night to setup BridgePay. The system wanted me to talk to someone every time I tried to setup. I finally get to the setup and BridgePay informs me I have to pay $70 to activate it. I’ve done this before and never was charged that amount to activate it. So I finally listening to my confirmation. The system states I’m completing a BridgePay payment of $70 and 7days for remainder. I hit 1 to accept the amount. It process the payment and then says your payment of $70 was received and I receive the text confirming the amount. The problem is it’s a regular payment instead of what I spent all night trying to setup. Now I wake up at 6am for work to find out my phone is off. I have to wait on y’all even though I did everything right. This is HORRIBLE!! Now I’m sitting here waiting for y’all to open to HOPEFULLY help me. This is ridiculous. Something needs to be done about the system and how it operates. The sad part is I’m pretty sure this happens to people and nothing has been done to fix it. I don’t think I should have to pay these extra fees because of issues with cricket systems. 


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Also my ACP discount was not included with my billing info as well. I should have at least $30 credit. The credit was been there for months and I haven’t did anything. All these errors y’all have going on is really bothering me. My being affected by system issues and I’m the customer and being punished. Looking for new services as we speak. Really Cricket!!

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Hi there. the ACP credit is applied by the government and sometimes the credit won't be available in your current due date. The discount will be applied by Cricket, so it won't affect your bill even if the credit has not been applied yet.